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    This all started in mid-March 2020.  As soon as my college announced that our courses we're going online for the remainder of the semester I immediately began creating recorded lectures for my three courses: calculus 1, calculus 2, and differential equations. I wanted to maintain a true classroom feel so I wrote everything out by hand, like I would on the board. Two months later and countless 12 - 14 hour days of nonstop writing and recording I had all of the lectures for three complete courses.

    The summer and beginning of the Fall 2020 semester were rough for me and my students but by mid-October I decided to finally start my YouTube channel, a goal that I've had for many years. I held off doing this for a long time since there were already so many great mathematics channels but my students kept encouraging me. Now that I was acclimated to teaching online I researched equipment that I'd need and created my channel in November 2020.

    My plan moving forward is create two types of content: problem solving videos and explanations of theoretical ideas, such as how to derive formulas, proofs, etc.


Tech Specs

Camera: Sony FDR AX43

Recording Settings: 4K, 30 fps, 100 Mbps

Audio: Saramonic Blink 500

PC: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, MSI GeForce 3060Ti, 64 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD, 16 TB HDD

Editing: Davinci Resolve 17 Studio

Channel Updates

    May and June were really productive. I got a lot of content done for calculus 1 and gained a bunch of subscribers. Unfortunately, the production rate was too much and it started to impact my life in ways that I didn't like. Basically, I got burnt out and recording wasn't fun during that time.

    At the beginning of July I slowed my production rate down and I feel much better. I had time to get back to working out and I gave myself a longer timeline to complete a series of videos for calculus 1.  I'm planning to increase my production rate up in early August, after our wedding celebration and vacation.

    My plan for the next 2 - 3 months are:

  • Continue creating videos for all of calculus 1

  • Continue creating videos for The Art of Integration

  • Create 3 - 4 videos for the start of a series on the calculus of variations, beginning with a derivation of the Euler - Lagrange equation.

  • Plan a series on reviewing trig for students entering calculus courses.


- BTMP, 7/15/2021

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